Lunes, Enero 24, 2011

Banawe Travel Guide

by zoe_girl18

WTCH THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Explore Banawe

Misty Road, Banawe
 pres_16 Says:  Planning of driving your own car late in the day? Think again.... 
Sanafe: Native Dish at Sanafe, Banawe
 pres_16 Says:  Clean, quiet ambience, friendly staff... has suberb views from the veranda.... I tried the chickne adobo with veggies... 
Bus to Banawe, Banawe
 pres_16 Says:  Autobus is the only bus company that ferry the passengers going to Banawe. The bus station is located at F. Cayco, España Road, Manila. Book in advance. 
Marvel at the Rice Terraces from the Viewpoints, Banawe
 pres_16 Says:  At the viewpoint, I was totally awed by the panorama- the high-rising, rice terraces. It has a skillfully devised irrigation system. I've always wondered how... 
People's Lodge and Restaurant: A Place You Can Stay, Banawe
 pres_16 Says:   I was supposed to stay at Sanafe Lodge or at the Greenview Lodge but both were fully booked. So I landed on my third choice, the People's Lodge and... 

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